• Jonathan Harnisch posted a tumblr blogpost: 1 year, 4 months ago

    The Oxygen Tank [Time Edition] No Music from Jonathan Harnisch on Vimeo.Please allow me to introduce my recently completed novel–Porcelain Utopia–a fictional novel that explores the inner workings of the schizoaffective mind. The book draws heavily on my own personal struggles with mental illness. My goal in writing this book is not just to provide a picture of how mental illness disrupts the reality of the sufferer, but more importantly to share how creative pursuits like writing can have tremendous therapeutic benefits. The book explores the traumatic journey of BENJAMIN SCHREIBER, who has Tourette’s syndrome made worse by a range of mental diagnoses, including schizoaffective and post-traumatic stress disorder. Ben wants desperately to be loved and to be able to accept himself as someone deserving of love. When he is arrested for an attempted bank robbery and placed under psychiatric evaluation, Ben has little faith that his psychiatrist Dr C will be of much help in ridding his mind of the delusions and hallucinations that his disorder presents. This is because Dr C must also treat Ben’s alter ego, GEORGIE GUST, who shares Ben’s life and generates many of the delusions that prevent Ben from having a normal life. Dr. C begins to suspect that Ben draws upon Georgie to help him avoid the bad memories that he has suppressed for his entire life and that underlie his post-traumatic stress and anxiety. She encourages Ben to use his writing talents to escape the obsessive invasion of his thoughts by Georgie and from the horrors of the dreadful past memories that their sessions slowly uncover. Ben begins to hope that converting his alter ego into a literary character in the pages of an autobiographical novel will slowly remove Georgie from Ben’s mind forever. Porcelain Utopia represents my 13th manuscript of appreciable length. Its target audience is adult readers who enjoy the transgressive style that best depicts the intricacies of a mentally ill mind.