It is here! BuddyStream Marco Polo 3.0

It has taken us ages to get to this point, but we are very happy to be here.
With two totally new extensions and  the geolocation add-on we have given the plugin a major boost.

We have completely re-designed  the admin interface to get a more unified look and feel, also the user setting pages have given a new look.
See the change-log below to see what we did:

  • Added manual link per extension
  • Added option for disabling the colorbox inclusion.
  • Added Thumblr extension.
  • Added Foursquare extension.
  • Added Location (with map) works with Foursquare and Twitter.
  • Added sync central (turn on/off importing/exporting per extension)
  • Removed user filters.
  • Removed tour (it is now easy enough tot setup)
  • Removed ShareBox
  • Removed sidewide hiding (caused a lot of issue's)
  • Updated new icons
  • Updated Twitter API request to use 1.1
  • Updated redesign admin interface adn user setting pages.
  • Updated all language files
  • Fixed imports for windows servers.
  • Fixed widget layout.
  • Fixed widget settings to not display sub-extensions.
  • Fixed Social albums
  • Fixed double imports