What happens when i cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription you cannot: - download the plugin anymore - don't receive updates - cronservice will be disabled.

I forgot to cancel my subscription and got charged, can i get a refund.

If you got charged we cannot do a refund because you already had access to the plugin download. Also the cron service (if used) still runs for your website. I you wish to end your subscription so you won't get charged the next time please goto the "my-account" page to cancel your subscription.

Where can i cancel my subscription.

You can cancel your subscription on the "my-account" page or on the Paypal website.

Is there a non yearly subscription available?

No, we only work with yearly subscription so the plugin keeps running after a year.

What proof do i need to send for a non-profit license.

We need to see any proof that says you run a non-profit organisation, this can be a organisation subscription (different per country) or proof that syas you run a educational organisation.

Can i use a non-profit license?

The non-profit licenses are only for non-profit organisations and educational organisations, this mean a personal site for friends etc. cannot get a non-profit license.