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BuddyStream Emperor released.

We have just released BuddyStream Emperor released, custodia iphone x da mare in this release the imports are working again, sycode custodia per iphone 8 plus there was a problem with the network check failing most of the times,

BuddyStream 2.0.3 released.

A new version had been released.
In this version te list below has been done:

* Translations not loading when locale was set but language file did not exist.

Youtube and Flickr albums on your profile!

More great upcoming features for the Youtube and Flickr synchronization are albums, iphone 5c custodia trasparente it shows all imported items of Youtube and Flickr on two slick looking albums! Go and check it out on your profile page.

LinkedIn shares synchronization on it’s way!

We are working like crazy to give you all kind of cool new features. custodia iphone x aramide One of them is synchronization for LinkedIn shares, custodia specchio iphone 8 so you can import all your LinkedIn shares on you BuddyPress website profile. custodia iphone 8 libro specchio You can also post your message from your BuddyPress website to LinkedIn. casewin custodia iphone Want to try it out? Login on BuddyStream and setup your LinkedIn account.

BuddyStream emperor 2.1.3 released!

BuddyStream Emperor 2.1.3 has been released! With this release we have fixed a lot of issues. custodia iphone 8 fendi * Changed the way how we check the license key, now uses WordPress core functionality. * Fixed some undefined variables on the admin menu. custodia fucsia iphone 7 * Fixed Load javascript after page is ready loading on Powercentral. custodia dybala iphone 5 * Fixed db_version() for older upgrades. custodia flessibile iphone 7 * Removed upgrade.php (no longer needed). * Fixed undefined message on Soundcloud. cellularline per iphon 6s custodia * Fixed blog creation failure on multisite. * Added Small integration of Activity Plus links and images.

More premium subscriptions!

We have listened to the BuddyStream community and came up with a number of new subscription plans for your needs. custodia iphone 8 legno In addition to the existing Premium "baseline" subscription plan, we have added a Multi-pack subscription option for anyone that would like to use the plugin on multiple domains, but doesn't want to have to pay for multiple single subscriptions. custodia iphone 6s plus impermeabile With the multi-pack subscription, you will get 4 domain licenses for just 100 euro a year (a 50% savings). iphone 5s custodia Also, you will get full support for all the purchased licenses. custodia iphone 6 chiusa For non-profit organizations and educational institutions, we are introducing the non-profit and education subscription option for just 25 euro a year (per domain and a 50% savings)). The only extra step that is needed before you can download the plugin after you bought the subscription is to send us proof of your organizations non-profit status. custodia iphone 6 con anello We are further introducing the non-profit and education multi-pack option for non-profits and educational entities. custodia iphone x verde oliva With this multi-pack, you will get 4 domain licenses for just 70 euro a year (30% further savings) as well as full support for the purchased licenses.

BuddyStream 2.0.5 released!

A new version had been released.

BuddyStream downloaded over 10.000 times all-time!

We are happy to announce that BuddyStream is downloaded over 10.000 all time! This is a big step for us as plugin creators, custodia apple iphone 6 plus 6s plus brillanti and we will continue to make BuddyStream even bigger. anker custodia iphone 6s At this moment we are working hard in the background on more features and more premium plans.

BuddyStream Emperor 2.1 released!

BuddyStream Emperor has been released! With this release we have some exiting new stuff, see the list below for all new features and fixes. * Added External links now open in a new window. custodia iphone 6 polizia * Added Flickr album on profile page. apple custodia in silicone iphone 6 * Added Youtube album on profile page. * Added Facebook album on profile page. custodia iphone 7 swarovski originale * Added Soundcloud album on profile page. * Added Linkedin synchronization. custodia iphone 6s shawn mendes * Fixed custom settings slug on user pages. * Fixed missing endtag for Facebook like button. custodia iphone x fronte retro * Fixed fullsize images for Facebook photos and links. * Fixed double images on Facebook items. * Fixed translations improved. custodia iphone 6s con tasca * Fixed Soundcloud authorization improved. * Fixed timeout on cronjob settings page (white page). * Updated Soundcloud library.

BuddyStream Goliath Launched

After working hard on a new version it is finally here! BuddyStream Goliath is a big step for us to put down a professional product. custodia iphone 6 con zip With both Lite the Premium version we will go on to create the best social integration plugin for BuddyPress.