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BuddyStream 2.5.11 released.

This release fixed a few small issue's on some configurations. custodia iphone x spigen armor = 2.5.11 = * Fixed php opening tags.

BuddyStream 2.6.2 released!

This release brings a few fixes and improvements. custodia con batteria per iphone 6 * Improved check for sending out to networks (now no longer conflicts with plugins like activity hashtags) * Small CSS fix for BuddyPress 1.6 support. custodia galleggiante iphone x * Fixed stylesheet loading issues * Removed highcharts graph script,

BuddyStream 2.5.10 released.

We have release BuddyStrea, 2.5.10, this release fixes the import problems with Facebook, issues with Internet Explorer and Javascript issues. custodia iphone 6 ultra resistente See the complete changes list below: * Added general option to turn off all css including of BuddyStream (for complete own css styling) * ColorBox javascript now only loaded if function does not exist. custodia cover iphone 6 plus * Updated the tour, now includes general settings tab. iphone se custodia silicone * Fixed ShareBox not opening in popup. * Fixed javascript conflict in wp-admin. custodia apple iphone 7plus * Fixed javascript undefined variables. custodia iphone 6s cane * Fixed RSS filter. custodia selfie per iphone * Fixed RSS stats page. * Fixed Facebook privacy settings now working. custodia iphone 7 anteriore * Fixed Facebook imports.

BuddyStream Apollo 2.5.07 released!

We have fixed a few options and problems with the Facebook imports and added some core functionality. custodia sacchetto iphone 5 * Fixed Facebook video imports. custodia sacchetto iphone 5c * Added core functionality to check existing content.

BuddyStream 2.6 released!

BuddyStream 2.6 is released, this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements. This release took us a long time, because a lot of things changed in the api's and more different server configurations. The major part of the time went into optimizing the Facebook extension, we have now separated the Facebook extension into 4 loose parts. - Facebook core - Facebook wall - Facebook pages - Facebook albums This way we can maintain the extension better and make it perform much better! We also have changed the core and added some extra functionality to get the imports run much smoother. Thats not all! We also have prepared the core for a major release that will boost up your activity stream even more! Check out this page to see what we are preparing for you! For a complete change log see the list below: * Fixed consistent typo in extensions. * Fixed fatal error due class loading. * Fixed typo in support link. custodia iphone x lamborghini * Fixed correct url to support site. custodia foto subacquea iphone se * Fixed Soundcloud imports (you users need to re-authenticate) * Added Facebook Wall extension. custodia iphone 6 joyguard * Added Facebook Pages extension. * Added Facebook Albums extension. spigen custodia iphone 7 plus * Added new language files for new Facebook extensions. * Added better way for loading plugins files. * Improved content exist check. * Improved loading of core functionality in imports. custodia iphone 8 plus con magnete * Removed Google+ javascript due non usage. * Removed all secondary_id checks and replaced with own.

BuddyStream Apollo 2.5.03 released!

We have fixed a few options and problems with the Facebook imports. custodia iphone 7 celly With this release most of the tickets we had are fixed. custodia iphone 6s elefante The complete list including the 2.5.02 release are: = 2.5.03 = * Fixed loading issue with .DS_Store file. custodia 5c iphone * Fixed version tab error. * Fixed Facebook imports. iphone 8 plus custodia impermeabile * Fixed Twitter username cut-off in items (fix, works only for new items). = 2.5.02 = * Added general setting page to turn on/off some features. custodia i iphone 7plus * Added extra check to make sure a activity item is not empty.

BuddyStream 2.5.13 released.

BuddyStream 2.5.13 is released, custodia apple silicone iphone 8 this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements. custodia iphone 5s con anello See the complete change log down here: * Improved cron command line (please update your current cron) * Fixed link to members page (gave 404 when different then default) * Fixed Youtube imports * Fixed network settings link showing up in widget even when network is powered off. custodia apple per iphone 6s * Fixed disable Facebook imports completely. custodia jeans iphone 7 * Fixed disable Twitter imports completely. iphone x custodia subacquea * Fixed disable LinkedIn imports completely. custodia iphone 7 plus sacchetto * Fixed members directory showing tags ex: #facebook...

BuddyStream 2.5.08 released, with awesome widget!

The most awesome thing in this release is the BuddyStream Connect Widget! With this widget you can create a widget that shows the icons of the integrated networks, when the user clicks on a icon the user will be redirected to the settings page to start connecting and synchronizing that network. custodia cellular line iphone x The title and text configurable in the widget. iphone 7 custodia antiurto The complete change-log of this release can be found below. custodia apple iphone x pelle Next week we are ready to release another version where some other issue's will be resolved and more widgets will be added. custodia iphone apple 8     = 2.5.08 = * Removed usage of simpleXml load from file for several imports. custodia iphone * Fixed dashboard javascript errors. custodia iphone 6s caterpillar * Fixed Flickr not importing photos with no titles * Fixed issue with imports not importing all items due failure seconday_item_id check (now made unique per user). custodia iphone 4 a libro * Fixed post to Facebook page(s) button shown when user did revoked authorization.

BuddyStream 2.5.09 release

It has taken us a lot of time to get the filters stable and fixing other small import issues but we managed to get it done. custodia iphone x bmw Not only the new release but also a new cronservice script on our server makes everything way faster than before. custodia iphone 8 vetro temperato In this release: * Removed dashboard widget. custodia colorata iphone 8 * Refactored the filters they are now stable. custodia morbida iphone 5s * Added css classes to widget for custom styling. custodia iphone 8 firmata * Fixed cron service license check. custodia iphone se vetro temperato * Import counters calculations are now correct. custodia iphone 6 plus panda * Colorbox integration improvement.

BuddyStream Apollo 2.5 released.

So BuddyStream Apollo 2.5 is here, but what is new?

We have worked very hard to get to this point, as you can see we have now a very clean and simple website. custodia iphone 7 plus sceriffo On our new website you only see the information you need. custodia a specchio iphone x

New support site

We also have launched a new support site to keep better track of support questions,bugs and comments. This went wrong to much and we like to improve this as much we can. custodia cellular line iphone 8

Faster & lighter

There happened a lot, we have improved the plugin and made is 90% faster by doing thing smarter. custodia supreme iphone x We did also got a lot of comments about the file-size of the plugin, so we managed to improve and clean everything up so we are now left with 1,5Mb max!

New features

- ShareBox! Instead of separate sharing buttons in the activity stream we have now a pretty popup! - Completely new popup for video's and photo's. - New icons on the activity stream (thanks to Bowe Frankema of the Infinity framework!) - All social albums are now combined under one menu item to save space. - All social integration settings are also combined under one menu item to save space. - Facebook pages can now also we synchronized! - Facebook album photo's are now also imported and shown on the social albums. - Vimeo imports are added so you can import your videos, we also added it to the social albums. custodia iphone 5 s specchio - Google+ imports are added also added (two way syncing will come in the future)


- More stats in the wp-admin. - Quickly turn all networks on or off in one click on the Powercentral! - All setup manuals are improved and updated. - Better handling of the imports. - Better looking sharing buttons and counters.

And now?

Well just grab the plugin from or get the premium. If you already have a premium account go and grab it from the "my account" page. We have given up the "road-map" page because our heads are full of new features.