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BuddyStream 3.2.3 released!

  • Fixed error on admin settings page of Twitter
  • Added setting to disable location feature. (settings -> general settings)
  • Fixed network settings bar to width.
  • New clean buttons in user interface in front-end
  • Fixed Goolge+ importing settings

BuddyStream 3.2.1 released!

* added images on Tweets also get imported and shown.
* added setting in "general settings" to disable Buddybox (popup for images and video's)
* fixed import for installs where plugin directory is other then wp-content (cronjob service)
* fixed double remove settings button on Facebook settings
* fixed countdown counter css issues for LinkedIn

BuddyStream 3.2 released

* fixed countdown counter css issues
* fixed plugin support errors
* fixed import for installs where plugin directory is other then wp-content
* fixed other import issues

BuddyStream 3.1 released

See the changelog below to see what is in this update:

* replaced colorbox with own version
* added Instagram import
* fixed Twitter imports due SSL change
* error and notices fixed
* updated comparability with wordpress and buddypress

BuddyStream 3.0 released!



It is here! BuddyStream Marco Polo 3.0

It has taken us ages to get to this point, but we are very happy to be here.
With two totally new extensions and  the geolocation add-on we have given the plugin a major boost.

We have completely re-designed  the admin interface to get a more unified look and feel, also the user setting pages have given a new look.
See the change-log below to see what we did:

  • Added manual link per extension
  • Added option for disabling the colorbox inclusion.
  • Added Thumblr extension.
  • Added Foursquare extension.
  • Added Location (with map) works with Foursquare and Twitter.
  • Added sync central (turn on/off importing/exporting per extension)
  • Removed user filters.
  • Removed tour (it is now easy enough tot setup)
  • Removed ShareBox
  • Removed sidewide hiding (caused a lot of issue's)
  • Updated new icons
  • Updated Twitter API request to use 1.1
  • Updated redesign admin interface adn user setting pages.
  • Updated all language files
  • Fixed imports for windows servers.
  • Fixed widget layout.
  • Fixed widget settings to not display sub-extensions.
  • Fixed Social albums
  • Fixed double imports

BuddyStream 2.6.2 released!

This release brings a few fixes and improvements.

* Improved check for sending out to networks (now no longer conflicts with plugins like activity hashtags)
* Small CSS fix for BuddyPress 1.6 support.
* Fixed stylesheet loading issues
* Removed highcharts graph script, alternative will be implemented in 3.0

BuddyStream 2.6.1 released!

BuddyStream 2.6.1 is released, this update brings some fixes.
For a complete change log see the list below:

* Fixed power switches in network setting pages.
* Fixed new cronjob url.
* Fixed incorrect path loading for import.

BuddyStream 2.6 released!

BuddyStream 2.6 is released, this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements.
This release took us a long time, because a lot of things changed in the api's and more different server configurations.

The major part of the time went into optimizing the Facebook extension, we have now separated the Facebook extension into 4 loose parts.
- Facebook core
- Facebook wall
- Facebook pages
- Facebook albums

This way we can maintain  the extension better and make it perform much better!
We also have changed the core and added some extra functionality to get the imports run much smoother.

Thats not all!
We also have prepared the core for a major release that will boost up your activity stream even more!
Check out this page to see what we are preparing for you!

For a complete change log see the list below:

* Fixed consistent typo in extensions.
* Fixed fatal error due class loading.
* Fixed typo in support link.
* Fixed correct url to support site.
* Fixed Soundcloud imports (you users need to re-authenticate)

* Added Facebook Wall extension.
* Added Facebook Pages extension.
* Added Facebook Albums extension.
* Added new language files for new Facebook extensions.
* Added better way for loading plugins files.

* Improved content exist check.
* Improved loading of core functionality in imports.

* Removed Google+ javascript due non usage.
* Removed all secondary_id checks and replaced with own.
* Removed activity delete filter since we now use own table for imports

BuddyStream 2.5.13 released.

BuddyStream 2.5.13 is released, this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements.
See the complete change log down here:

* Improved cron command line (please update your current cron)
* Fixed link to members page (gave 404 when different then default)
* Fixed Youtube imports
* Fixed network settings link showing up in widget even when network is powered off.
* Fixed disable Facebook imports completely.
* Fixed disable Twitter imports completely.
* Fixed disable LinkedIn imports completely.
* Fixed members directory showing tags ex: #facebook...
* Fixed update always pushed to wall and page even when only page was chosen.

BuddyStream 2.5.11 released.

This release fixed a few small issue's on some configurations.

= 2.5.11 =
* Fixed php opening tags.
* Fixed error when user does not have Facebook pages.