BuddyStream released!

A new version had been released. In this version te list below has been done: * Import issues on some installs sorted out. * Fixed issue that import was saving files on the server. * Updated the library to latest version. * Fixed bcpow() function error for older php versions. * Fixed posting forum topics

BuddyStream released!

On the BuddyStream 1.0.2 release there came some bug reports that there where a lot of session errors. custodia iphone x glitter custodia iphone 6s tumblr custodia iphone 6 monster energy custodia iphone 6 plus disney custodia 5d iphone 8 custodia iphone se elegante custodia iphone 6 silicone blu custodia iphone 7 portafoglio cuori custodia

Follow us now on Twitter

You can now follow BuddyStream Developments via Twitter! BuddyStream will be Tweeting the latest information and upcoming updates via our Twitter account and page. custodia per cellulare iphone 7 custodia iphone 8 plus otterbox custodia iphone 7 plus sottile sycode custodia per iphone 7 custodia apple iphone x custodia iphone glitter custodia in silicone launched

Welcome to BuddyStream! On our site you you will be able to find the latest information and updates for the BuddyStream plugin. custodia iphone sport custodia colorate iphone 7 custodia iphone x trasparente originale custodia carica batteria iphone 7 apple cover iphone 8 custodia custodia bianca carica batteria iphone 6s custodia iphone 7 toro sycode

BuddyStream downloaded over 1000 times!

We are happy to say that the plugin is downloaded over 1000 times! And all that since it was released 2 weeks ago. custodia iphone 7 coltello custodia iphone x con brillantini custodia iphone 8 bmw 9 x custodia iphone x custodia unicorno iphone 6 custodia iphone 5s con laccio iphone custodia apple custodia cover