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Seek those who will tell you things honestly. Those who are honest with you are your friends. Cherish them and go back to them often for perspective and advice.. When she sings, “It’s a culmination of my rumination” the words are so drawn out you are forced to listen to her. Adding a haunting piano

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Just when Subash manages to put the four youngsters behind bars, their dads rescue them and they walk away as there is no evidence to the crime. Subash also gets suspended and returns back home only to find that all his family members are targeted. The rest of the film is about how Subash turns

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A few commentators, such as the Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen, have argued that it is at least partly the fault of the West that Putin is now our enemy. Russia, Cohen contends, has legitimate security interests like any other great power. Dorothy Height may have been the first person to understand that maltreatment of