BuddyStream emperor 2.1.3 released!

BuddyStream Emperor 2.1.3 has been released! With this release we have fixed a lot of issues. * Changed the way how we check the license key, now uses WordPress core functionality. * Fixed some undefined variables on the admin menu. * Fixed Load javascript after page is ready loading on Powercentral. * Fixed db_version() for

Twitter authentication problems and 2.1.2 release.

Some may have noticed, and some not. We have some issues with the Twitter authentication process on certain server and hosting configurations. We are truly sorry we still haven’t found a solution for it, but we have not given up! To some customers/users we have send a e-mail asking for access to there BuddyPress site

BuddyStream Emperor 2.1.1 released!

BuddyStream Emperor 2.1.1 has been released! With this release we have fixed a lot of issues. * Fixed css issues * Added extra check in core for importing items * Added more error tracking for twitter * Fixed the blank cronjob page. * Fixed bad ecoding errors on rss feed created by the imports. *

New Overview Video Created and Available

A new BuddyStream (Emperor Version) video was created by Dr. Joseph Pisano that outlines the function of the BuddyStream plugin and includes a peek into the back-end of the plugin.    If you are looking for a quick overview/review this video should do nicely for you. Find this video directly on YouTube: YouTube Video Find

BuddyStream Emperor 2.1 released!

BuddyStream Emperor has been released! With this release we have some exiting new stuff, see the list below for all new features and fixes. * Added External links now open in a new window. * Added Flickr album on profile page. * Added Youtube album on profile page. * Added Facebook album on profile page.