Friends make everything better

Three years ago, Harper was the first National to be named rookie of the year. Now he is also the first player from the Nationals/Montreal Expos franchise to be named MVP. He also ended a 90 year drought for the city: Roger Peckinpaugh, in 1925 with the AL’s Senators, was the last Washington baseball player

They appear to have shed their memories

Canada Goose Parka The militants’ seizure of Mosul and other Sunni strongholds should therefore not have surprised anyone in Washington. What was surprising was the belief that what has not worked for most of the past decade will somehow work now. The rush in advocating a military and security solution, as al Maliki has done,

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The USS Enterprise has suffered a fair share of damage during the team’s various adventures, but this time it gets utterly destroyed by some unidentified aliens. Without their starship, they are completed stranded on a strange planet with no way of getting help. And not only that, but, surprise surprise, this planet happens to be

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canadian goose jacket When everything was ready, my sister took the turkey out of the oven and began to remove the stuffing. When she felt something, she reached in and pulled out the Cornish hen. Pretending to be shocked, by mother exclaimed, “Patti, you’ve cooked a pregnant turkey!” My sister began to cry and was