BuddyStream 2.5.10 released.

We have release BuddyStrea, 2.5.10, this release fixes the import problems with Facebook, issues with Internet Explorer and  Javascript issues. See the complete changes list below: * Added general option to turn off all css including of BuddyStream (for complete own css styling) * ColorBox javascript now only loaded if function does not exist. *

BuddyStream 2.5.09 release

It has taken us a lot of time to get the filters stable and fixing other small import issues but we managed to get it done. Not only the new release but also a new cronservice script on our server makes everything way faster than before. In this release: * Removed dashboard widget. * Refactored

BuddyStream 2.5.08 released, with awesome widget!

The most awesome thing in this release is the BuddyStream Connect Widget! With this widget you can create a widget that shows the icons of the integrated networks, when the user clicks on a icon the user will be redirected to the settings page to start connecting and synchronizing that network. The title and text

BuddyStream Apollo 2.5.07 released!

We have fixed a few options and problems with the Facebook imports and added some core functionality. * Fixed Facebook video imports. * Added core functionality to check existing content. * Removed since => till filter so all items get imported from Facebook.

BuddyStream Apollo 2.5.03 released!

We have fixed a few options and problems with the Facebook imports. With this release most of the tickets we had are fixed. The complete list including the 2.5.02 release are: = 2.5.03 = * Fixed loading issue with .DS_Store file. * Fixed version tab error. * Fixed Facebook imports. * Fixed Twitter username cut-off