BuddyStream 2.6 released!

BuddyStream 2.6 is released, this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements. This release took us a long time, because a lot of things changed in the api’s and more different server configurations. The major part of the time went into optimizing the Facebook extension, we have now separated the Facebook extension into 4

BuddyStream Apollo 2.5.03 released!

We have fixed a few options and problems with the Facebook imports. custodia iphone 7 celly With this release most of the tickets we had are fixed. custodia iphone 6s elefante The complete list including the 2.5.02 release are: = 2.5.03 = * Fixed loading issue with .DS_Store file. custodia 5c iphone * Fixed version

BuddyStream 2.5.13 released.

BuddyStream 2.5.13 is released, custodia apple silicone iphone 8 this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements. custodia iphone 5s con anello See the complete change log down here: * Improved cron command line (please update your current cron) * Fixed link to members page (gave 404 when different then default) * Fixed Youtube

BuddyStream 2.5.08 released, with awesome widget!

The most awesome thing in this release is the BuddyStream Connect Widget! With this widget you can create a widget that shows the icons of the integrated networks, when the user clicks on a icon the user will be redirected to the settings page to start connecting and synchronizing that network. custodia cellular line iphone

BuddyStream 2.5.09 release

It has taken us a lot of time to get the filters stable and fixing other small import issues but we managed to get it done. custodia iphone x bmw Not only the new release but also a new cronservice script on our server makes everything way faster than before. custodia iphone 8 vetro temperato