We canvas provincial colleges for how they are handling Metoo

Culture of silence keeps med students from reporting abuse canada goose outlet uk fake This week, White Coat, Black Art has stories of up and coming female doctors who have been harassed, abused and even assaulted by the higher buy canada goose jacket ups who are supposed to be mentoring them into the world of

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When you unfold the triangle you will have a perfect square

Imagine a world where everything that used electricity had to be plugged in. Flashlights, hearing aids, cell phones and other portable devices would be tethered to electrical outlets, rendering them awkward and cumbersome. Cars couldn’t be started with the simple turn of a key; a strenuous cranking would be required to get the pistons moving.

She talks a lot about how she strives for her children to see

cheap Air max shoes Some galaxies shine with a red ghostly glow. Once these galaxies stop forming new stars, they can only host long lived stars with low masses and red optical colors. Astronomers often call these ghostly galaxies “red and dead.” But the basics behind why some form so quickly is still a mystery.

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Life can get pretty mundane after a while. It becomes almost necessary to take a break. There are many options but there are some who choose to adventure travel. Now comes the cool part: It is possible to produce a Canada Goose Outlet sound wave that is exactly the opposite of another wave. This is