BuddyStream 2.6.2 released!

This release brings a few fixes and improvements. * Improved check for sending out to networks (now no longer conflicts with plugins like activity hashtags) * Small CSS fix for BuddyPress 1.6 support. * Fixed stylesheet loading issues * Removed highcharts graph script, alternative will be implemented in 3.0

BuddyStream 2.6.1 released!

BuddyStream 2.6.1 is released, this update brings some fixes. For a complete change log see the list below: * Fixed power switches in network setting pages. * Fixed new cronjob url. * Fixed incorrect path loading for import.

BuddyStream 2.6 released!

BuddyStream 2.6 is released, this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements. This release took us a long time, because a lot of things changed in the api’s and more different server configurations. The major part of the time went into optimizing the Facebook extension, we have now¬†separated the Facebook extension into 4 loose

BuddyStream 2.5.13 released.

BuddyStream 2.5.13 is released, this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements. See the complete change log down here: * Improved cron command line (please update your current cron) * Fixed link to members page (gave 404 when different then default) * Fixed Youtube imports * Fixed network settings link showing up in widget

BuddyStream 2.5.11 released.

This release fixed a few small issue’s on some configurations. = 2.5.11 = * Fixed php opening tags. * Fixed error when user does not have Facebook pages.