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Either way, the message is one we should be taking seriously, and now it’s out there even more. With the news of modeling agency IMG’s “Brawn” division and the conversation about body positivity at the forefront now more than ever, we’ll call this a win even if it is a spoof. The more diverse bodies

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Sharabi dogs are considered the first Mastiff dog breed in Europe, which were introduced to Europe when Alexanders army returned back to after his death. He bought mastiffs in Greece from India, when the territory of Persia was much bigger and was scattered from India in east to Greece in the west. Alexander bought these

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Once you have an American IP address, any website you visit will think that you are American. This is great for accessing content from Netflix, and also from other similar sites. For example Hulu and HBO are both also regionally restricted. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been turned into life sized sponge cakes,

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The theory is that holding a penny in your mouth (or sucking it, or chewing it, depending on the version of the urban legend) can produce a more favorable breathalyzer reading by basically interfering with your mouth’s saliva composition. Some sources say that the more pennies in the mouth, the better, although they must be