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Grab a towel and sling it over the chin up bar for one of the best grip busters you could wish for. Take a grip and see how many chin ups you can do before your hands give up. Finding the chins too hard? simply hanging on for dear life as your forearms start their

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Hey guys:) I first want to say I’m sorry for the comments I made while being bombarded by paparazzi about my stylist and my dress. But styling should be a collaboration between the artist, stylist and the designer. I was completely caught off guard when all of the press about my dress was about the

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Trina Turk lives in the mod, sun drenched part of that corner known as Palm Springs. Every nail polish, dress or piece of upholstery she designs is sophisticated, but infused with the colors of California and the ease of a poolside cocktail party. Her 17 year old eponymous line is as much a reflection of

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Ging naar het chique stukje Essex (wat bedoelde je dat je niet wist dat er een chique stukje was?) Rond Saffron Walden. Ik ben heel erg nat geworden. Was echter blij om het platteland in te gaan en een beetje frisse lucht te krijgen. Ik zou eens kijken naar de tweedehandsmarkt in uw regio of