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Huh?I must have missed a preceding word like “antonym.” I go back and re read it. Nope, according to that page, sometimes spring fever describes an increase in energy and drive, sometimes a decrease.I go to another page, and it confirms the first. It also explains that spring fever is a rare example of a

A few months down the road, the pregnant female cat will give

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“It won’t do magic, because it’s not magical

Another form of massage therapy, reflexology, is a type of massage that is also rooted in Oriental medicine. Specific areas (reflex zones) of the foot sole correlate to particular organs and organ systems in the body. It is believed that by applying pressure techniques to these reflex zones, that these corresponding organ systems can be

Remarkably, a report in 2017 said 29 per cent of people thought

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Quick Fix: If a little powder andsweepingwith your clean makeup

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