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“Callebaut discovered a way to keep the cocoa from turning brown at every production step,” Gordon says. In addition to using a shorter fermentation time, adding citric acid an antioxidant that’s naturally present in fruit preserves the pink color, he says. “[Citric acid] also contributes to the perception of bright fruity freshness, which is part

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Some Remarkable Facts About Aluminum Recycling canada canada goose outlet toronto factory goose black friday sale When scrap aluminum is reprocessed and turned into new products (after the original production), it is known as aluminum recycling. There is a definite process for this; involving re liquefying the metal to produce new commodities. New products are

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There is no magical pill or easy solution for losing body fat. Dieters are faced with an enormous challenge to find the right combination that can solve the problem of how to lose weight and body fat at the same time. They go from one diet to another, exercise to the point of exhaustion and