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Our awareness strengthens in the fixed beauty, the pervasiveness of our direct experience. As our awareness is anchored in our heart presence, our personality does not have so much weight and control. The war is over.. Rihanna’s ANTI is a good example of this: To hear that record when it first came out, you had

And the events of his final day in Mumbai in April 2012

Artist Neil Harbisson became officially recognised in 2004 as a cyborg. Harbisson photo in his approved UK passport shows where he has a permanently fixed antenna.Colour blind at birth he can only see the world in black, white and grey. So an antenna was implanted surgically into his skull enabling him to pick up the

A spiritual leader could be someone who works in a factory

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Broadway; Miss Susan Boatwright

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The bloke could do just about anything on a cricket field

Garfield Sobers. The bloke could do just about anything on a cricket field except umpire. He was a complete cricketer, magnificent fielder, bowled all types of bowling, and when in form, he absolutely decimated great bowling attacks. I think we would also need some kinetic competition for the sniper and shotgun as well. These would