No Joe or Vlad is going to get it for us and hand it off

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canadian goose jacket That how Samsung went from a food distributor to an electronics powerhouse. That how the Unions built a middle class in the United States. That what the Marshall Plan post WWII did to canada goose outlet mall rebuild Europe. That how Sewer Socialists built canada goose outlet factory Mineapolis. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale That how China is building African canada goose outlet infrastructure, gaining influence on the world stage while Donnie Drumpf pretends he sits on a throne. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose Invest the money in what worth building. Dont trust syncophantic contractors, fucking build it. It may take 20 30 years canada goose outlet in usa to catch up to Capitalists machinations, but it can and must be done. canada goose

This is how we wrap Anarcho communism (through co ops) into anarcho capitalism (federate the co ops, and make sure they out for monopoly).

We follow Bezos reckless plan of investing in growth at any costs. Or rather, Lenin plan, which was cut short by the. self awareness of a ruling class of architects. That class which, through Stalin, declared the womb of Russian Socialism to be "good enough," ensuring the eventual collapse.

canada goose clearance No. We must take this from the bottom for ourselves. No Joe or Vlad is going to get it for us and hand it off safely. We are going to have to build it for ourselves. canada goose clearance

Its the State dept of Labor that enforces them. And given how many State Legislatures and Governor Office are Republican, that an easy way for the state to narc you out to your canada goose outlet vancouver boss.

Canada Goose Outlet I know its shocking. But the law isnt there to protect you anymore. Its there, but it won protect us. They simply dont work for us. Canada Goose Outlet

Maybe It be different if you in a Union. But some of the older ones, depending on your branch, have leadership that just soak in your money and avoid their responsibility to their workers. More than a handful of those reps have become 3rd party bosses.

That Republican vehement hatred for Unions didnt arise out of a vacuum, but from edge case tales of abuse. From utter powerlessness in the face of the combined bosses and union bosses.

canada goose uk black friday And yet, Republicans hold to their own batshit agenda, with no chance of implementation, even when they control all branches of government, and their voters love them and they take the canada goose outlet 2015 Presidency in a race they had no business even being a contender in. canada goose uk black friday

When will the Democrats in office recognize that having a vision is more important than whether or not the vision is possible?

People fucking hate politics. Put forth an agenda and fight for it until you win, you lose, or you literally can entire idea canada goose outlet orlando of "keeping the powder dry" is a fucking ridiculous way to approach politics.

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Sounds like Pelosi will compromise, and let Trump illegally jail only half the immigrant children. Hey, its progress, amirite?

"Waste political capital" on a measure that is bringing new voters to the polls, that 2/3 of the country supports (even a fast growing portion of Republican voters) and that would help bring Americans back into the First World.

But no, that sweet sweet lobbyist money.

This is why the Rust Belt Union Country, btw went for Trump. Republicans will "waste political capital" scoring imaginary points for their base all term long under a Democratic Senate in 2011 2013. But Democrats dont wanna acknowledge the theater of it all. They dont wanna acknowledge whats actually popular.

And most of all, Centrist goose outlet canada Democrats dont wanna commit to what actually works.

Ecuador plans to extradite Julian Assange, taking refuge canada goose outlet niagara falls in the country embassy in the UK, the United States. This was stated by the lawyer of the creator of WikiLeaks Carlos Poved. According to him, there is already an agreement between the countries.

[Assange lawyer:] "There was a rapprochement between Great Britain, the United States and Ecuador. "

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canada goose coats I wanted to post this here because this scandal pretty much represents exactly what a political revolution should be fighting against moderate Dems (or maybe not even a Dem in this case) working with Republicans to shut out progressives. canada goose coats

Details: The Chair of the Virginia Beach Democrats has been marred in numerous scandals, including the appearance that she is put Republicans on the Democratic sample ballot in exchange for donations, she pushes dissenters and minority voices out of the committee, and she promoted a scandal to have an excuse to remove a Democrat from the sample ballot.

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Desperate plots to survive, and apocalypse / end of the Earth parties among the rest of us. If we were within "throwing" distance, we have an estimated countdown to getting sucked canada goose outlet authentic in.

Canada Goose Jackets We try to put really long fiber optic cables trailing behind probes, and radio antennate/ translators down the on the other end. We send several, repeatedly, to approach from different directions to get a sense of relative position and motion as they cross the event horizon. Canada Goose Jackets

This would give us a sense of how big it is, and how long until we all die. And we wanna see if any anomalous behaviour resulted. These results would be correlated with math from observing the black hole effects upon orbits in our solar system.

We might send more probes to stay further away, looking for gamma ray bursts from matter going in or at random times. Assuming we have the time before we die.

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