BuddyStream 2.6 released!

BuddyStream 2.6 is released, this update brings a lot of fixes and improvements. This release took us a long time, because a lot of things changed in the api's and more different server configurations. The major part of the time went into optimizing the Facebook extension, we have now separated the Facebook extension into 4 loose parts. - Facebook core - Facebook wall - Facebook pages - Facebook albums This way we can maintain the extension better and make it perform much better! We also have changed the core and added some extra functionality to get the imports run much smoother. Thats not all! We also have prepared the core for a major release that will boost up your activity stream even more! Check out this page to see what we are preparing for you! For a complete change log see the list below: * Fixed consistent typo in extensions. * Fixed fatal error due class loading. * Fixed typo in support link. custodia iphone x lamborghini * Fixed correct url to support site. custodia foto subacquea iphone se * Fixed Soundcloud imports (you users need to re-authenticate) * Added Facebook Wall extension. custodia iphone 6 joyguard * Added Facebook Pages extension. * Added Facebook Albums extension. spigen custodia iphone 7 plus * Added new language files for new Facebook extensions. * Added better way for loading plugins files. * Improved content exist check. * Improved loading of core functionality in imports. custodia iphone 8 plus con magnete * Removed Google+ javascript due non usage. * Removed all secondary_id checks and replaced with own.