Twitter authentication problems and 2.1.2 release.

Some may have noticed, and some not.
We have some issues with the Twitter authentication process on certain server and hosting configurations.

We are truly sorry we still haven't found a solution for it, but we have not given up!
To some customers/users we have send a e-mail asking for access to there BuddyPress site so we can try some debugging on different configurations.

When we even start talking about a fixed Twitter authentication, we want to be sure when we have found a solution it works on different configurations.

We do have a quick-release standing by for fixing the database error messages people where getting.
Also in the quick-release we have fixed the empty cronjob page and incorrect forum url when posting a topic or reply.

Within 12 hours we will release this version as BuddyStream 2.1.2.
We are hoping to fix the Twitter issues a.s.a.p.

Again we are sorry for all the problems.