More premium subscriptions!

We have listened to the BuddyStream community and came up with a number of new subscription plans for your needs. custodia iphone 8 legno In addition to the existing Premium "baseline" subscription plan, we have added a Multi-pack subscription option for anyone that would like to use the plugin on multiple domains, but doesn't want to have to pay for multiple single subscriptions. custodia iphone 6s plus impermeabile With the multi-pack subscription, you will get 4 domain licenses for just 100 euro a year (a 50% savings). iphone 5s custodia Also, you will get full support for all the purchased licenses. custodia iphone 6 chiusa For non-profit organizations and educational institutions, we are introducing the non-profit and education subscription option for just 25 euro a year (per domain and a 50% savings)). The only extra step that is needed before you can download the plugin after you bought the subscription is to send us proof of your organizations non-profit status. custodia iphone 6 con anello We are further introducing the non-profit and education multi-pack option for non-profits and educational entities. custodia iphone x verde oliva With this multi-pack, you will get 4 domain licenses for just 70 euro a year (30% further savings) as well as full support for the purchased licenses.